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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review 4x06 “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”

This was till now the best Episode of Season Four and what an Episode it was wow.

It starts with a really big shocker, Elena kills Jeremy because she thinks its Connor. Thank you Gilbert for the ring even it drive Alaric crazy. It must be hard for Elena to kill the one Person she cares the most and what do you do when something bad happen? you call the Person you trust the most and thats....Damon. Dont understand me wrong i like Stefan he is a good guy but what can i say my heart scream for Delena.

First I thought Klaus could be drunk but it's just the fact that he lose with Connor the chance to create more Hybrids, as we know without cure no human Doppelganger blood.
It was really clever from Hayley to get the Hybrids and Klaus out of the House with a little Forwood fight. But is it just me or was Hayley sad when she saw Forwood kissing?

The interactions between Klaus and Stefan are nearly always great so this week a little short but of course Klaus wouldnt waste a second to grap Elena, he isn't invited in so what else could he do. We know that Klaus killed the Original five and so he know from his own experience what Elena is going through and that its only going to be worse with time.
She is still usefull to him, when he finds the next hunter. That guy has eternity so.

The Salvatores split up to get Elena back. Damon and Bonnie are going to ask Spooky about the witch curse that Elena activate after killing Connor. It's interessting to know that April know Spooky from somewhere, I still have a bad feeling about him. He and Bonnie together not really great but we can't change it.

Stefan on the other hand is going to Caroline and Tyler to get Elena out of the mansion. Quite clever to use Caroline as distraction and we got a really great Klaroline scene at the End so thank you really much Julie Plec for this.

We see Elena gets haunted from Connor but after he can't do anything he transforms into Katherine. Nice way to bring her back because let's face it, as long as we have Klaus there will be no Katherine. I can live with that, I really enjoy watching Joseph Morgan.
Stefan came to rescue her but lost her after a few seconds and no the Salvatores are switching roles because Damon has now the Job to find and save Elena.

From Spooky we know that the next Hunter aka Jeremy has to kill a vampire to stop the hallucinations from Elena. Stefan is willing to turn someone for this but we learn later that Caroline agree to go on a Date with Klaus so Jeremy can kill one of his Hybrids to end Elenas Curse. Poor Bonnie is a little bit mad that nobody told her that Jeremy is the new Hunter. Damon as really good quotes this Episode van Helsing hahaha

She is now at the Wickery Bridge and Katherine and Connor are gone and her mom is now with her. She is it finally that gets Elena to through her Daylightring in the water because the Sun is nearly coming and Elena is going to burn. Just with the first sunlight Jeremy kills the hybrid and Elena is herself again. Damon who is with her on the Bridge jumps with her in the water to save her from the Sunlight. Just like he saif in the opening ge would save her in a hearbeat.

Save and at home with her Daylightring Elena thanks Damon for saving her and he explains to her why Stefan is acting so strange and that somewhere in the world is a cure for her that could make her Human again. That Stefan is doing all of this to get that for her.

At the same time Tyler gets mad after Caroline told him what she has to do to get the Hybrid from Klaus. A Klaroline Date what a wonderful Idea just awesome. Great to see is that Damon thinks every Episode of Alaric so he is still a part of the Team even he isn't there anymore.

That it's matt who tells Damon that Spooky maybe has something to do with the blown up Council is great done, because we have so little scenes with these two together. It's also scary that Bonnie trusts Spooky and what does he mean with that he is the only one who can help Jeremy after he complete his huntersmark.

lot's of questions but for the Stelena Fans out there the end was the worst part the Break up, it was nice done and gives them Hope that if Elena gets Human again they could be back together. But I'm a Delena Fan so the Promo for next week makes me really happy. Even if I think the writers will do something do destroy the Delena hope, they always do it.

What did you think about the Episode? Are you having a bad feeling about Prof. Shane too? Tell me in the comments.

No one proof read this. All mistakes are mine. Hope I get better with time if you find something really bad wrong please tell me.

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