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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review 4x05 "The Killer"

I watched the Episode yesterday, but I was invited to a wedding so I had no time to write this review down. Now I stop talking here is the review for 4x05 The Killer.

First we see Connot with the Head from the Hybrid he killed last Episode, quite clever to take the head to get new werewolf venom. I'm a little bit worried about Professor Spooky looks like he has something to do with the Five and for what does he need Bonnie?
I still dont know if he is a good or a bad one.

In order to complete his tattoo Connor returns to Mystic Falls and takes Jeremy, Matt and April hostage. And we finally see Elena and Stefan writing in their Journals and it was nearly an eternity ago that they did this the last time.

I doesn't expect to see Klaus in this Episode but I was so glad for the cut to Italy and him searching for the Sword with his Hybrids. And this he and Stefan againt everybody is kind of creepy cool because we see Stefan act different.

Tyler, Damon, Caroline and Elena had the perfect plan to save the hostages at the Grill and normaly Stefan would be helping and everything but now we see him acting different he has to lie and to manipulate his friends and family and for a good reason but everybody else thinks he is compelled by Klaus because he is acting so weird.

And the cut to Professor Spooky, to know he hypnotize Bonnie made me really nervous because you doesn't know what you do or what you talk about. It's like he could compell her to do everything he wants. lets face it Bonnie is a very powerful witch how could do really dangerous stuff. It has a reason I call the Professor Spooky because this is what I think he is.

I really liked the Delena scene in Alaric Appartement, one of the best Parts this Episode were the Delena scenes. I was really shocked that Stefan knocked Damon out with vervain and took his Daylight ring to trap him at Alarics Place. Of course Elena trust Stefan with her brother but at this point I'm not so sure if he would have saved Jeremy and loose his way to the cure.

And we see Caroline meeting Hayley the first time, kind of like Hayley and I really hope that she and Tyler get together because that would give us all Klaroline. To bad that Klaus thinks the wrong Stuff but it is really dangerous from Tyler and Hayley to try and free the other Hybrids from their sire bond. 

Nina Dobrev told us in an interview that two or more from the maincast Die this season and maybe Tyler is one. This would be a huge loss because Trevino is a brilliant Actor.
Klaus and Stefan had a Plan on their own to free the hostages which kind of failed because only Matt and April get out save and Jeremy find himseld on a bomb.

If Elena wasn't at the Grill I don't know if Stefan would have saved Jeremy. To save Jeremy Elena revealed that she is vampire and Connor nearly stak her. We see Elena healing Jermey who got shot in the line of fire and Stefan with Connor at the underground tunnels. It was a really intense scene see Damon nearly ripping out Stefans heart. But it was a really good way to make it happen that Stefan told his brother about the cure.

To bad that Elena killed her nearly savior at the other end of the tunnel to save her family. The looks on the faces of Damon, Elena and Stefan when she burried Connor was really heartbreaking. Her first kill and it was a hunter that could have show her the way to a cure. Most of us could understand that Elena is disappointed from Stefan but its good that she doesn't know what she did.

Like the Promotion Pictures show us Jeremy is one of the Five and the Tattoo starts on his Hand. Some would say how? He doesn't killed a vampire. No but he killed a Hybrid last Season so maybe it was needed that he meet Connor to get a hunter. But a Hunter with a vampire as sister if this turns out good at the End?

For me it looks like Stefan doesn't want Elena as a vampire it was crystal clear she would be changing into a other Person after her transition. Take Caroline as example in season one i would loved if somebody would have killed her but now she is one of my favorite characters on the show because her personality changed. And I really love that Damon loves her either way as a human and a vampire that is the difference between him an Stefan. But as a good Brother he helps him finding the cure.

I thought the Episode title was a refernce to Connor at first but it turns out that Elena is the Killer and who would have known that killing a hunter would have this consequences for her. But this Promise us a great next Episode.

What are your thoughts about the last Episode?

No one proof read this. All mistakes are mine. Hope I get better with time if you find something really bad wrong please tell me.

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  1. Yeah, i'm totally afraid with that professor is gonna do to Bonnie... And she's totally trusting him!!!

    LOL I totally hope that Tyler dies, i really don't like his character, and Caroline will be free... yay!

    And yeah, Elena killing Connor was chocking!!!!! And also i'm very intrigued with this hunter thing going on with Jeremy...

    I agree with you about the difference between the brothers' love, Damon is the best even now...

    Great review, Anja.