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Friday, November 2, 2012

Review 4x04 "The Five"

First of all I'm kind of disappointed with this Episode. The best parts were the scenes with Rebekah and Klaus. I felt like they gave us some Stelena and some Delena but in the End both were not satisfying. But lets start with the Review.

When the Episode starts we see five man and a witch performing some kind of ritual, we later learn this was the Born of the Five. After this we switch back in our Time and see Damon and Stefan an the Boarding House trying to find answers and arguing about Elena.
To Bad that Sheriff Forbes brings bad new via Phone, the big bad hunter is still alive. Of Course know the priority is Elena has to learn how the feed without killing her victim.

And what else is important self defense, so here we get the first Stelena Scene which is kind of nice done. After that we are going to the Grill, we see Rebekah trying to apologize to Matt by buying him a new Car which kind of fail in the first Place, but the interaction between her and Klaus was nice to watch.

The same time Damon, Elena and Bonnie arrive at College were Bonnie is supposed to meet Proffessor Shane. Creepy but sexy guy with a secret. They crash his class and Damon try to teach Elena how to choose a victim. Back to Mystic Falls Stefan finds Connor trapped by Klaus. I have to say his 50 Shades of Grey reference was really funny. Klaus throw him a peace of Information to get his Attention and we switch to the Past.

Italy 12 Century the Originals meet the Five and Rebekah is falling for one of them, Alexander. Let me say it is great to have Daniel Gillies back on the Vampire Diaries even it is only in the Flashbacks, can't wait to see him back in Mystic Falls. Back in our Time Klaus need Stefans helps, because Stefan has to convince Rebekah to help them, because she has Informations they need. Lets say Stefan agreed and told Rebekah he would help her with Matt in exchange with her help in the Klaus Case.

The next Scene we switch to College and Elena cant feed because her feelings stand in her way. But there will be a Murder House Party later, that will help Elena. Back in Mystic Falls we see Stefan, Rebekah and Klaus at Dinner the last one having a little spat. We learn more about the Five and a Cure that will turn a vampire back to a human. I see it coming at the end of the Season Elena is human again and Klaus will be able to create more Hybrids. Exactly what thought Rebekah and then storming away.

These to have the best scenes in this Episode really, thank god. It was really fun to watch this. So we learn that the Tattoo is a puzzled map that grows with each vampire Connor kills. It was a great Idea to use Jeremy to draw the map because he is the only one who can see it, of course he didn't do it by choice but he did it. We also learn that the Tattoo of the Original Five was visible to everyone and was gone after their death. The Original Five couldn't know that Klaus was part Werwolf so they had no chance. And maybe it is kind of magic self defense that the Tattoo now is only visible to possible hunters.

After that we are back at College entering the Murder House Party with Damon as Jack the Ripper, his quote was funny so Bonnie went of to see Professor creppy and Damon and Elena start the Feed teaching with Roofie guy. Lets say they had fun and feed and that was our great Delena scene later Destroyed by Bonnie. Like I said this Episode was disappointing for a Shipper.

In Mystic Falls Klaus and Stefan Team up to get the Cure for Elena, and to get that they need the rest of the Information from Rebekah. Stefan tricked her and Klaus daggerd her after that to make it short. I really felt sorry for Rebekah even after what she to Elena I realise that we don't know what she been through all of these Years.

After the judging from see Damon and Elena back in Mystic Falls and she realise that Damon is right that her at the Party is what a Vampire should be like, but she doesn't want to be like this. Switching Salvatores Damon leaves and now she is talking to Stefan that she can't survive like this. And he can't tell her about the Cure, too bad.

After that Promo we got last week, I promised me more from this Episode. The Stuff about the Five was great, but my shipper heart hurts. I read early on Tumblr something funny that Klaus should take the cure and turns human, that would be kind of fun to watch but why do we get a vampire Elena and only after a few Episode we get a cure so that she will possible be a human at the end of the Season. It would nice to know if when a Original take that Cure every Vampire he ever turn would be a human again? like they die when the Original die. Tell me what do you think about the last Episode?

No one proof read this. All mistakes are mine. Hope I get better with time.

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