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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review 4x03 "The Rager"

Sorry for the delay but I doesn't had time to write this down. But now lets start.

I wonder what Connor used to sedate Tyler, vervain or wolfsbaine? mmh but it was quite a good Idea to steal a little bit venom. That guy is really an old school bad ass and figured pretty fast that Tyler is a hybrid. It was a bit strange that Elena now use Matt as a human blood bag it's kind of a role reversal because last time she was the human blood bag.

Don't know if I feel sorry for Rebekah after all what happen to her but at the moment I go with Elena and simply hate her. She doesn't give us a lot chances to like her. Jeremy as a Hunter, really? In the end it turns out he is one of the five too. And why is it always Damon that gets trapped in exploading things.

The growing Friendship between Caroline and Stefan is great, she would be great as his new Lexie. I like Hayley and her Lockwolf and hope they got together, because when that happen we finally get Klaroline *squee* Back to the exploading kitten, how else couldn't stop laughing. Damon has really the best quotes. Meredith could be a great new Partner in Crime after we all lost Alaric.

What is this greater Evil? The Five? Till now what is more badass then Klaus? That Matt told Connor the Name of Rebekah is understanable. I would have done the same. Hello he nearly died because of her. Damon and Jeremy working together remindes me of last season, but lets see what happens this time.

Klaus meeting Hayley is for me a secret Klaroline scene, and I like that he is so smart to figure out really fast that something has to happen between Tyler and Hayley. So Klaus you have my permission to use this Information against Tyler. Of course Rebekah doesn't die from werwolf venom but it's nice to see that it has the same effects on her.

A Carefree Elena on the Motorcyle was really great and show us that she can enjoy her new life. But thank god for the wolfvenom if not we would have seen Stelena Sex.
And I think this told us the truth that Damon and Elena are perfect for each other.
To say it like Damon, now she is a lot more like him not like Stefan.

Payback is a bitch, because Connor is trapped with the same exploading kitten. It looks like Klaus knows something, after he saw the symbol on the stake he said something that Connor is Part of the Five. What are the Five? And what has Elena to do with this?
It's got that she is useful for Klaus, because if not he wouldn't have saved her.

Let's Picture the new Salvatore Wing of the Hospital. What do you guys think the Mayor and Damon say if they realise Connor is still alive and healthy. Maybe Meredith turns out to be Damons consciene this season because what she said is true.

What happen between Matt and Elena was destined to happen, she has to learn to be a vampire. To control the bloodlust and who else than Damon can teach her that the best. 
The Episode left us with a lot questions. Why saved Klaus Connor? Who are the Five? Are they bound to the Originals? Time will tell.

No one proof read this. All mistakes are mine. Tell me your thoughts about the last Episode.


  1. Well, i had a lot more thing to write here, but Klaus just take my breath away... he is the best!!!! Now, like you, i'm super intrigued... Let's see what is waiting for us...

  2. that is so right. He is just the best.