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Friday, October 12, 2012

Review 4x01 Growing Pains

Woa, what a start for the new Season.

we first see Elena with the Salvatore Brothers going through what happend last night and what choices she have now.

As you all can tell Damon is not really happy about the fact that Matt is alive and Elena not. So Stefan is all in to find a way with Bonnie to save Elena. I stick with damon here "You feed or you die, there is no third choice"

We see are worried Jeremy and a Elena in transition. Nice act was the way here Memories came back so we had a nice Flashback to the I love you scene in "Rose".

We see now the Council in Action, they took the sheriff, the mayor and a most of our favorite vampires. I have to say that Trevino did a brilliant Job as Klaus so please someone have to give him an oscar or emmy for this performance.

Bonnie is all in the black magic and that comes with a big price, that one of her loved ones has to pay. After her plan to save Elena failed she is forced to switch Klaus back in his own Body.

To Bad that Caroline find out that Klaus is in Tyler, this scene was really funny.
After a heart warming speech Stefan and Rebekah kill the guard because Elenas 24 hourse are going to end. You see a Tear rolling over Elenas face, she knows that now her life as Human is going to end.

To say Damon is pissed of the Matt is alive is the understate of the century so we see him get a little snack from the quaterback. Elena now a vampire saves him and we get a sweet Delena scene.

I have to say I'm glad that Joseph Morgan is back in the first Episode and even if I'm pissed off about what Rebekah did, she didn't deserve this after all.

One of my favorite scenes was the one with Stefan and Elena, where she gets her Daylight ring. Yes, I'm a Delena fan but I have to say this scene was really romantic and heart warming even if I wish it would be Damon there not Stefan ;) but in this time and place maybe he is the right one for her. She has eternity to find out she is made for Damon ;)

Hope you like my little review. English is not my native language and I had no one to proof read this, so I'm sorry for the mistakes.

Please tell me what you think about the Season Premiere in the comment box below.


  1. I finally watched the episode and... wow... i wasn't counting with Elena becoming a vampire, i was pretty sure Bonnie would find a way but instead she lost her grandma, so sad...

    I just loved to see Klaus back in his body, i'm really not a fan of Tyler, sorry... but Joseph, God, he's hot... I wish Caroline could be with him and change him, maybe...

    I'm all for Delena too, poor Damon, damned to suffer for her for eternity, but now that she's a vampire, let's see how it works... like you said, she has the whole eternity to see that she belongs to him...

  2. Thank you for your comment. Let's what "Memorial" has on Stock for us.