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Friday, October 19, 2012

Review 4x02 "Memorial"

First no Klaus sucks, but the Delena Scene were a great excuse.

The Bambi Hunt mmh I go with Damon she has to feed on Human Blood if she doesn't she will not learn to control it. What happen when there is no one to Stop here if she gets Hungry and accidentally kill someone. The vomit part was a great Idea from the writes, I would have never expected that.

It's really hard to see Damon alone in the Grill, God I miss Alaric. Both together that was always a pleasure to watch. Of course everybody has to think it was Damon but hello if he had done it, he would tell everybody. Favorite Quote from that scene with Liz was "If i was gonna kill 12 people i'd have a dinner party" please tell me I wasn't the only one who think this was hilarious.

Till now this Connor Guy looks creepy he his like a bit like Klaus in the beginning, oh it will be great if these two have a scene together. The Blood sharing remind me of a scene from last Season, remember the torture Dream Rebekah gave Damon ;)

Poor Tyler gets always shoot this Episode, but hey I have to say you need to be a tough guy to stand in Front of so many People with a Hunter in Town who has your life on the List. 

I hope to see more Bonnie and Stefan scenes this Season because I like how Bonnie is trusting Stefan now. If we Rember her in Seasone one. The Part when Elena fed from Matt was really well down, that whole scene was amazing. 

I'm a little bit scared about the Ink from Connor this thing looks like the one Jeremy has on the Promo Pictures, and Jeremy as a Hunter isn't really a good thing. Just stick with the Ghosts man. Nice was how they let go and remember everyone we lost since the Beginning of the show. It helps us to close this Chapter of the Story because it will never be like this anymore.

The Damon/Alaric scene made me cry, and till now I couldn't find any words to describe it so as a Tribute to this wonderful Friendship can you see the scene here again. And lets us all pray that we maybe get a little bit more scene like this in the Future.

Englisch isn't my native language so sorry for all the bad grammar and wrong words. Had nobody to proof read this.

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  1. Only now i was able to finally watch this episode... yeah, no Klaus always sucks... and i'm missing Alaric as well, their friendship was so strong... The dinner line was indeed funny, Damon always with the best

    I have to say, i'm not a fan of Tyler, so... i wouldn't miss him at all, sorry...

    The last scene was definitely one of the most beautiful scenes of the show...

    And yeah, the new hunter meeting with Klaus will be epic, fingers crossed...